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Ascend the Giluwe Adventures

By Norman John Puk
The ascending of Giluwe will include the listening of Giluwe Singing Dog, the climbing of the world highest volcanic summit and the viewing of the beautiful flora and fauna. The wild Giluwe singing Dog possess unique features such as Continuous barking. The second Highest Mountain in Papua New Guinea is so unique with its amazing geography. The summit is surrounded by savannah grassland, little streams flow in between the peak and two water falls alongside the Highest Volcanic Summit in the Oceania- Pacific Region. The savannah grassland is occupied by scatted trees and varies flowing plants. .  Giluwe is the home of colorful and beautiful flora and fauna. There were rare plant and animal species found in Mount Giluwe. The flowers bloom brightly and the plants including grass, trees, orchards and so on.
Flowers found at M,ount Giluwe

Water flows beside the Peak of Mount Giluwe

The magnificent and yet outstanding peak is one of the most attracting volcanic summit on earth. The Giluwe Summit is located at fringes of Western Highlands and the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. It is elevated about 4368 metres above sea level. The second highest peak in the country was formed as a result of volcanic activity. The extinct volcanic gave rise to the great Mountain of fame.  Tourists frequently visited the Giluwe for its marvelous natural features. The inspiring and diverse Giluwe is a most challenging and overwhelming summit to ascend

Rian Mentor from Queensland, Australia with a Guide ascending the Giluwe

Trekking Giluwe

There were foretold stories of Human Race and Dogs originated from a cave found beneath the foot of the peak. The cave is still there and people used it for camping and sleeping. The Dog can be heard singing today out there. The Dog naturally intercedes with the surrounding environment and it does bark when something unusual happens. The barking can be heard from distant but the dog cannot be seen physically. The dog’s feet is visible and it is noticed clearly with its foot prints. The astonishing characteristics of the wild creature are not fully understood. On the contrary, The Giluwe Singing Dog is famous among other wild animals in the vast and dense forest beneath the Summit.
As you set foot on the tip of the Mount Giluwe, you will notice that the Central Highlands is under your nose. The climate up there is so frozen during pro-longed dry seasons. The cool breeze of the two waterfalls yields the sense of humour; they are ever fresh, clean and worth refreshing. Certainly, the water enriches the essential minerals and it’s vital for both Human Beings and the animals. The World’s famous Volcanic Summit is the home of many different plant and animal species. Giggling streams flows the savannah grassland seasonally, birds sing beautiful morning hymns and insects captivate the vast grassland of scattered trees. The fan full and loving peak needs adventuring. Leisure and recreational hotspot in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea within every second of your time, you will learn to appreciate the wonders of the earth. The rich breccia found in the foot of Giluwe create a natural platform for visitors to sit and watch the vast tropical rainforest of Giluwe. The wildlife and fantastic discoveries certainly paves way for frequent visits.  The lifestyle of wild animals and insects is so natural that every moment is memorable. There are many new things in life you need to explore and discover before you reach brink of your destination.

Tour guides Drinking from wonderful water

Volcanic Brecias

Water fall at GILUWE

The backpacker Bart Napierala from Poland, a Travel Journalist and the two from World’s summit Club climbed Mount Giluwe as seen from the photos inserted. They really enjoyed themselves here in Papua New Guinea. The people were very friendly and the country is very rich and unique. There are more than 830 languages with diverse cultures. The following attached are picturesque of the beautiful flowing plants and the onset look. One may ask as to how and why Mount Giluwe is outstanding? The answer is very simple; it is the Highest Volcanic Summit in the Oceania-Pacific Region and the Seventh Highest in the World. Furthermore, it is the second highest mountain in Papua New Guinea. In addition, the Giluwe is the only mountain in the world that has a singing Dog. The Singing Dog cannot be seen but the singing and barking can be heard from a distant. The Highest Giluwe Summit is also one of the Bird Watching Site in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. It has over 46 different species of birds which can be found. There are many exciting and new experiences Giluwe offers to the world. Giluwe is also known for trekking, hunting and harvesting wild.  

Experience the nature by yourself, the real feeling of being alive out there. There will be certain scheduled activities at the peak like cooking, hiking, washing,   celebrating the new year(216)and so on.  Come join us and enjoy the beauty of Giluwe. The adventure will take four days. You will celebrate your new year at Giluwe, a lot new and wonderful experience. The fascinating event will come on this Christmas. Don’t miss out, there will be a climbing event taking place at mount Giluwe. All interesting parties are most welcome. The event will take place on the 30th of December 2015 to 2nd of January, 2016.

Inserted: Photo Courtesy of Niugini Exotic Tours

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